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Area: 38,394 sq. km
Population: 757,042 (2015)
Districts: 20
Capital: Thimphu
Currency: Ngultrum
National Language: Dzongkha
General literacy rate (2012): 63%
Forest cover: 70.5%
Political system: Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
Local time: 6 hours ahead of GMT
Telecom operators: Bhutan Telecom and Tashi Cell

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Trekking Tour

Druk Path Trek
Druk path trek is one of the most beautiful trek with many different species of flora ...Read more
Activity : Trekking

Cultural Tour

Day 1: Arrival at Paro International Air Port, during your journey, you will received ...Read more
Activity : Cultural Tour

Festival Tour

Tshechu is a religious festival meaning "tenth day" held annually in various temples, monasteries...Read more
Activity :
Festival Tour